We look deep into the data we gather from specialized sources to give us a unique vantage point for our customers while tuning their marketing campaigns to the fullest. From gathering information from your website visitors and ICO participants to social media chatter, we have custom tools to help us keep our fingers on the pulse of the campaign.

Let us put your experience to work for you.


Real-Time tracking is a great supplement to your campaign monitoring, but we keep an eye on your project at all times looking for unusual activity with traffic, access requests in the wrong places and much more. Having that extra comfort knowing there are pros with their eyes in the sky watching your campaign like a hawk.

We use the latest software and more to accomplish what many teams don’t even know how to set up properly, and we know how to leverage them to our advantage for you!

Top Tier Metrics
And Analysis

Enterprise-Level Tools
For Metrics & Analytics

We Identify Places
To Improve in Real-Time

Strong Web Security to
Keep Your Data Safe


We know what works, and we know how to custom tailor your marketing efforts to your brand or market niche. While we believe in our marketing saavy, there is always room to improve and having the right data as fast as possible helps us make the best decisions for leveraging your marketing dollar.

The Goldsmiths also specialize in business planning, strategy, and project deployment for existing or emerging blockchain startups. Contact us today for that golden touch.


Let our experience and top-tier design forge your team the edge it needs in today’s crypto niche. We work with enterprise-level technologies to bring the highest quality design and analytics to our clients. We can give you that big agency look you want to present to the world.

The Goldsmiths also specialize in social media, branding and crypto marketing for existing or emerging blockchain companies and serious coin teams. Contact us today for that golden touch.