ICO websites and platforms are serious business. From design to user experience, security and support – a lot goes into a solid ICO platform. Our team is ready to make your new vision a reality with a smart new web presence that includes websites, landing pages, advertising design, custom graphics and much more.

The goldsmith team also provies superior SEO for search engine ranking while another potent aspect of our skillset is our application development and cryptocurrency experience.


Our web design and development team can bring you beautiful websites for your cryptocurrency coin or ICO. Our team offers custom logo design, custom graphics for social media, ad banners, website graphics and more. For web design we can create a custom CMS platform or robust applications for your needs, we have many options.

The Goldsmith team has decades of experience in search engine optimization as well. Our specialists offer comprehensive crypto website SEO services for all our clients. This helps to give them a fresh online presence that can be found easily by the right target markets.


Put yourself in front of the right audience with search engine optimization specialized for crypto saves marketing energy, time and money. Put together a strong SEO strategy with the Goldsmiths. Our professional team has multiple experts at your service for metrics to help identify what is working and what could use improvement.

The Goldsmith team has over 30 years of combined SEO experience at your service. We will put together a comprehensive SEO plan that is custom tailored for your ICO or coin.


Professional branding starts with superior design. The Goldsmith team is ready and highly skilled at creating brands that have a powerful punch. We will take the strength of your idea and convey it intelligently to the masses with a smart online web presence using custom graphic design for websites, logos, social media, advertising and more.

Our team utilizes the latest toolsets and software to bring a cutting-edge look for our clients and we pride ourselves on elite branding through intelligent design and powerful marketing.


The first rule of security is “What security?”. Our security team has been knee-deep in real-world security at enterprise levels and beyond, ensuring that client data and user identifiers are protected throughout their experience.

We craft smart solutions from smart people, and the Goldsmith team is ready to give you the level of security necessary in the nefarious world of cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings, crypto websites and custom blockchain applications. We have the front door covered and provide the armored car all the way to the bank.


The Goldsmith developers are ready to forge your team a custom blockchain application designed to spec. Our team of UI and mobile specialists have the experience and skills to create stunning applications and experiences for your blockchain project.

Our team provides robust application development that will help bolster our clients with new tools that can help them get ahead in the fast-paced world of crypto.