Blockchain Web Security


The first rule of fight club applies to security as well. Our team has been in the thick of real-world security at the highest-level, ensuring that your data and users are protected throughout their experience with you.

Smart solutions come from smart people, and we are ready to give you the level of security necessary in the precarious world of cryptocurrency initial coin offerings, crypto websites and custom blockchain applications.


Ensuring your peace of mind in the digital world allows you to stay on top of your own project agendas. We aim to keep your project safe and smooth with IT security professionals who secure major websites and know the architectures of a well-secured application.

We take pride in our security solutions and hope you consider Goldsmith so that we can deliver not only cutting edge ICO and blockchain websites, but crypto security at the forefront of this brave new market.

Experienced Security Specialists

Smart Web Security To Keep Your Data Safe
Smart Web Security
To Keep Your Data Safe

Experienced Crypto Security Specialists
Experienced Crypto
Security Specialists

Smart Preventive Security Measures
Smart Preventive
Security Measures

Constant Security Monitoring
Constant Security


We believe in a holistic full-spectrum security strategy that includes preventative measures that will give you a strong foundation to build your website or application upon.

The Goldsmith Security team is ready to provide you with a smart, custom-tailored solution for your security needs. Contact us today for more information.


We are constantly monitoring our projects and security is no exception. Keeping an eye on spikes and other strange activity is a great facet of a strong security team.

The security monitoring we provide at Goldsmith is meant to give you additional peace of mind throughout your project’s lifecycle. Contact us today for that Golden Touch.