The Goldsmith Team works vigorously to ensure that every project we touch turns to gold through a combination of enterprise level marketing & development integration, secure and transparent communication systems and professional grade customer support throughout the campaign for both your team as well as investors participating in the Initial coin offering.

Our Guiding Principles For ICO Marketing

The language behind ICO marketing is critical to consider when launching your ICO. Using incorrect messaging to distribute your tokens can lead to criminal charges for not just the company responsible for the ICO but the marketing team and developers as well. This is why Goldsmith chooses to treat every marketing campaign as though they are registered with the SEC from a marketing perspective. When considering a project for the Goldsmith we very closely evaluate every project against the following guidelines.

We Do Not Market Investments. We Market Utilities.
What does this mean? This simply means that the Goldsmith team will never take on a project which requires us to market an investment. We require that all projects we work on are a functional utility and / or tool. This means that the token we are distributing has to have a purpose for the end project and have value outside of the ICO campaign.

“Examples of this include payment tokens for your platform, voting rights, embedded credits for holding or utilities for transfering data.”

We Don’t Do Hype. (and neither should you)
Our team will actively bring awareness to your project through a strategic process of educating the general public through introducing your team talents, project progression, goals and deadlines. Our targeted audience is someone who is interested in your project and offers the potential of being a long-term client for your company. This strategy significantly reduces the risk of “pump and dumps” and other poor crypto community experiences.

Developers Agree to Transparency and Due Diligence
The Goldsmith team only works with projects which present transparency into the past, present and future development with actionable timelines and milestones. When evaluating potential clients our team digs into the community to ensure that a project is currently in production and the developers / community has delivered timely communication to team members throughout the project thus far. As marketers our team will rely heavily on this communication to to assist you in amplifying your voice of industry leadership and dependability.

SEC Registration Is Preferred
The Goldsmith does not require SEC registration as we rely on the companies legal consultation to assist them in determining the necessity of these filings. We do however prefer SEC registration and will learn towards projects which choose to do so.

Identities Must Be Revealed and Documented
Due to the grey lines between a security and utility token Goldsmith requires that all companies who choose to utilize our marketing and development services validate their core teams credentials to Goldsmith IO as well as require their participants to register with basic identity verification including your drivers license (or other verifiable identification) and basic contact information.

Legal Guidance Required
Although Goldsmith does not offer direct legal guidance in any way we do have a referral service of legal consultation which is diverse in cryptocurrency guidelines we can recommend. We have also acquired legal consultation to assist in building our core strategies, guidelines and documentation. Goldsmith is not responsible for giving legal advice and is not authorized to deliver legal consultation. Any discussions held between the Goldsmith team and our clients is to be considered discussion points and opinions only. We are not responsible for any illegal activities which our clients participate in and if we are in knowledge of any illegal activities we will immediately terminate the contract and deliver all assets to the proper authorities.