STO’s or Security Token Offerings and their marketing strategy are a serious consideration in crypto fundraising. Knowing what to do, how, where and when is what our team is ready to bring to the table. Let us handle your image online, your user experience, and security while providing that white glove service you expect from professionals.

Allow us to bring you to the next level with a seriously strong brand and STO marketing push that completes your new vision with a powerful initial coin offering. Let us show you how we can forge golden ideas into the future of crypto.

Crypto ICO Marketing Strategy


Each of our team members has a strong background in cryptocurrency and our crypto specialized crypto marketing strategy insight that gives you powerful insights you won’t find on other teams. We have been in crypto for over 25 years combined, and each of our real-world skills gives you an added advantage in the cryptosphere.

it is vital to be in touch with the community, and we keep an eye on the crypto scene. We live and breathe crypto, design, marketing and strategy and we are here for you. We want to give you that Golden touch!

Solid Coin Valuations


Smart economics are a golden facet of a smart STO marketing strategy and long-term plan for growth. Develop a smart and healthy growth within your ecosystem that develops value at every possible angle. Goldsmith offers the best of both worlds in a smart package that clients will easily absorb and understand where they are at in their market niche.

The big guys can tell when you have your plan well developed, and having a strong initial supply structure and well thought distribution plan will help them get the word to their contacts in the cryptosphere.

Crypto Specialized Legal Consulting


The Goldsmith team takes pride in providing our customers with crypto legal advisers that have been through the complex process of launching a business and complying with all necessary laws and US regulations completely.

The unique STO launch protocol approach that we take includes legal guidance from start to finish across the board for a multitude of items including the SEC requirements for compliance, international restrictions and more from our network of legal specialists.