Solid Coin Valuations


An important part of strong ICOs are the coin valuations and supply architecture. We can help you assess your project from many perspectives and advise you of how, what, why and when to price your coins. Let us handle the heavy lifting, some ideas are pure gold.

Each of our members has a unique way to identify your weak points and how to capitalize and expand on your strong ones. We have the know how to create a strong plan, and deploy it with a strong brand, and a coin that is priced right with smart coin valuations.


Smart economics are a hallmark of long-term project planning on the part of teams. Having a healthy, organic growth model that offers the best of both worlds in an intelligently delivered package can be a strong aphrodesiac for intellilgent prospects.

Whales can tell when you have your plan together, and this includes coin valuations. Having a fertile initial supply and well-defined long-term supply distribution model will help them spread the word to their friends.

We also have one of cryptocurrencies top masternode wizards on board. Masternoding can take your project to another level and distribute your network, and vital resources outside of your project billing model while still providing them in a reliable, consistent and fair way.

Supply and Economics Consulting

Analysts Versed in Cryptocurrency
Analysts Versed in

Smart Research on How, What and Why
Smart Research on
How, What and Why

 Blockchain Experts At Your Fingertips
Blockchain Experts
At Your Fingertips

Superior Data Visualizations
Superior Data


One thing we ask our clients to do is submit their project application and include their plan of action for their supply. From there we can analyze where you are at and if you need to adjust your methods here and leverage the strategy most to your advantage.

We keep a close eye on the world of cryptocurrency, and can uniquely provide you with insights into the world you are about to get into with your ICO.


We present each of our clients with highly organized and well-visualized infographics to help you assess your project within its ICO development lifecycle. We provide serious metrics across the board to our clients to help you stay informed, smart and streamlined.

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