The Goldsmith Blockchain Consulting ICO Legal Assistance team provides our clients experienced crypto legal advisors our clients to help them through the complex process of launching a legitimate ICO that complies with US regulations completely.

Our unique ICO launch protocol includes complete ICO Legal Assistance from start to finish across the board for a multitude of items including the SEC requirements for compliance, international restrictions and more.

ICO Legal Assistance
SEC Compliance for ICO Launches


Legitimizing your ICO is of prime importance to us, and we care about your project in the long-term. One thing that can help secure this is legal ICO compliance with local, state and SEC regulations. We are one of the first ICO companies that are helping our clients to comply with US regulations or their applicable localities regulations for 100% clean launches with our ICO legal assistance.

This may turn some away, but the need for real, solid and professional legal consulting and guidance through the SEC is now here. We are capitalizing on that by vetting our projects as viable and healthy for the ecosystem, but also by hand-walking them through the process – which is rare in ICO marketing – to comply with all necessary regulations before launch.

We also help speed this process up with our experienced legal contacts who are versed in taking companies public, both private and crypto. Lean on us for the advisor you need.

Stay on Top of ICO Legal with Experienced, Smart & Timely Advice
Stay on Top of ICO Legal with Experienced, Smart & Timely Advice

Our Contact Handles Legal
So You Can Focus on Business

Crypto Specialized Legal Advising & Maneuvering
Crypto Specialized ICO
Legal Assistance

Secure Your Footing in the World of ICO Compliance
Secure Your Footing in the World of ICO Compliance


Our legal contacts are well-versed in legal consulting when it comes to crowd-funding compliance and cryptocurrency offerings. Don’t be fooled by others pretending to be the real thing, our team has serious connections so you know you’re dealing with top shelf legal.


We want each of our launches to be legally air-tight so that compliance will not haunt our clients in the future. This also lifts our brand in parallel as we only allow the highest quality product to flow from the Goldsmith crypto foundry.